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Icicle Radish


Hercules the Worm

Hercules the Worm

Thank you to the Cub Scouts for our new garden beds!

Thank you to the Boy Scouts for our new garden beds!

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If you would like to volunteer in the garden or find out how to get involved, please contact:

Valentines for the Birds

Valentines for the Birds

Stir Fry for Miss Hester's Class

Stir Fry for Miss Hester's Class

Stir Fry Radishes & Greens

Stir Fry Radishes & Greens

Outdoor Learning Center

2017 Elementary School Learning Garden

2012/2013 Pictures

Pet Spider spider time pumpkin seeds big roots Jumping Spider A fresh start Helpers Balancing Act Driving the wheelbarrow Observing a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Fall in the Garden Cooking Rhubarb Sauce Harvesting beans Tree Journals weeding Happy eating
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Sketching Poppies

The Bay Farm Elementary Outdoor Learning Center Teachers

Farmers Market

Miss Sarah at the Farmers Market with her student helpers.

Bay Farm Goes Green

Thank you to our Bay Farm PTA Go - Green Committee.  Now our kids have bright bowls to eat their garden recipes in.  No more waste!

Click here to learn more.

Outdoor Learning Center 2010-11

Red Wigglers - The compost worm Cooking with 3rd Graders Mrs. Waring's 1st graders Designing seed packets Sterilizing Compost Experiment - 3rd Grade Former Bay Farm Scarecrow...RIP Cooking in the garden Cooking with Miss Lorri Master Chef Series in the Garden Salad in the garden Mrs. Reynolds Class Rhubarb The biggest weed winner Insect vs. spider Ms. Vincents Class Salad in a Box The day the goose came to class Kinder - Gardeners. Salad in the garden Salad Bar - Ms. Vincent's 3rd Graders Mrs. Reynolds Garden Yeah!  Salad! Eating in the Garden - Hamill's 3rd Graders Winter Tree Journals - 2nd Grade Icicle Radishes for stir fry Cooking with beets and chard listening to bugs - Creepy Sorting Leaves - Kindergarten Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Seeds Making Spiced Pumpkin Seeds Ethan's Praying Mantis Smooshing the weeds Releasing Butterflies Tomato Horn Worm.  Yucky! Hornworm Get out of the tree Gavin. Even geese like lemon sorrel
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Coffee Bags provided by Mr. Espresso


A big thank you to Mr. Espresso for providing coffee bags to mulch our garden areas.

OLC Overview


The Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) is funded by the fabulous Bay Farm PTA.  Every student has the opportunity to grow, harvest, cook and eat fresh food in the garden. Garden lessons connect to science, history, math, writing, reading, and the visual and performing arts.  For more information about the OLC, please contact Garner Takahashi Morris, the K-5 garden teacher, at See you in the garden!

Poppy the Pocket Gopher

Poppy Gopher Closeup.jpg
Poppy the Pocket Gopher (click here for video)

Caterpillar to Butterfly

The Bay Farm students go crazy for caterpillars. In 2011, we had at least 30 Caterpillars being taken care of in the classrooms throughout the school. From Anise Swallowtail to Monarch, the students got to watch the transformation from egg to butterfly.  In fact, we even had a group of "caterpillar hunters" roaming around the gardens in search of the proper host plant to feed their caterpillar pet. The students were like proud parents when it was time to release their beautiful butterflies. You cannot get more hands on than that!  

Anise Swallowtail Caterpillars Caterpillar Hunters The Caterpillar Queen Butterfly Habitat - Just Released visiting swallowtail Monarch Butterfly Monarch Caterpillar Gulf Fritillary Gulf Fritillary Monarch
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Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes


This year all of Miss Lorri's students will get to taste different pumpkin seeds.The 1st through 3rd grade classes got to make the Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe in the Outdoor Learning Center. The students love to taste the different flavors of seeds, and take polls of the favorite flavor.  The only problem, is most kids choose ALL OF THEM.  Here is the recipe if you are interested in roasting some yourself.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe


Salad Bar

Students love to create a salad bar with their harvest. No leftovers here!  Yummy!