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1st grade lessons

Gardening with First Graders

1st grade Curriculum: Students take a closer look at the garden and all the parts of plants. They learn how to find and save seeds, different ways of planting seeds, the function of leaves and flowers, how to make art with plants, and all about roots.  We also eat seeds, roots, leaves and flowers!

First graders are so excited to start gardening in the Fall.  They learned enough in Kindergarten to be "experts", and want to share their wealth of knowledge with the group.  Here is what a year of gardening looks like with 1st graders.  Wait for a rainy and have the students make journals Create a journal for the kids to place the dra


Week 1: Go over rules of the garden.  Show them their new garden bed.  Collect seeds from plants.

Week 2: Clean out garden bed and amend with compost.

Week 3: Plant cool season crops such as lettuce, spinach, radish, sugar snap peas, broccoli and carrots.

Week 4. Seed Worksheet:  Collect some hitchhiker seeds, and prepare edible seeds for the students to taste like sunflower, roasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

Week 5:Observe and Measure a Leaf  - This is the best time of year for this lesson, because leaves are everywhere.  I like oak or maple tree leaves.  The thicker the leaf, the better the leaf rubbing.  I usually collect good quality leaves and place them around a tree so there is a good selection to choose from.



Thermometer Lesson - Outside or Inside, this is a great lesson to help the students to learn about temperature.


Valentine for the Birds - Great way to celebrate Valentines Day and teach kids to care about nature. We toast some bread, cut it into the shape of a heart, add some pumpkin or peanut butter, dip it in seeds and hang it with raffia.  Check out the great poem to go with it.


First grade students learn about maps, so it is a great time to draw a Map of their Garden.


I have created two templates for a Rectangle Garden Bed and a Triangle Garden Bed.  Grap your compass, clipboards and colored pencils and get ready to have a fun time in the garden.

1st Grade Lesson Examples

Insect vs. Spider DSCN0339.JPG DSCN0337.JPG DSCN0336.JPG DSCN0335.JPG DSCN0338.JPG Observe and measure a leaf DSCN0345.JPG DSCN0347.JPG
Status area

Valentines for the Birds

We used pinecones, peanut butter, bird seed and raffia.