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Allyson Gordon

Welcome to Room 200!

Happy New Year and welcome to the classroom webpage!  We continue to be very busy learning new skills and reinforcing past ones. 

Our buddy class is Mrs. Lee-Chin's fifth graders.  We meet with them regularly to do fun activities and are also doing a play together under the guidance of our wonderful music teacher, Ms. Bonnie.  Information about an evening performance for families will follow soon.

Music/P.E. and Media Center Schedule

Music/P.E.:  Mondays 1:50-2:50

                      Wednesdays 9:25-10:25

Media Center:  Thursdays 1:50-2:50

What's New?

We have a new student!  We are very happy to welcome Dayonne Johnson to our class.  She is a lovely young lady and we are so glad she has joined us.

We have completed the first take home reader. Please return it to class and I will send the next book home (In Living Colors).

We have scheduled several classroom workshops with Lawrence Hall of Science and The Junior Art League.  Dates to be announced soon.

The second grade classes are in the process of planning a Chinese New Year lunch celebration for early February. In the past, we have collected a small sum from each student and ordered food from a local restaurant.  This year we're asking for volunteers to collect monies from students, order and pick-up food, help with set-up, serving,  and clean-up.  Please let us know how you can help out.  Thanks in advance for your participation in this fun event.

What we're working on

Addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

Singular and plural nouns

Alphabetizing to the third letter

Identifying parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs)

Writing friendly letters using grade level writing conventions and descriptive vocabulary

Using the dictionary independently

Things you can review at home


Rounding to the nearest 10

Fact Families (3, 7,10     3+7=10, 7+3=10, 10-3=7, 10-7=3)

Addition/Subtraction facts to 20

Missing addends (6 + ____ = 13,  15= ___ + 8)

Ordering numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least

Number patterns (3, 6, ___, 12, ___, ___)

Identifying even/odd numbers

Writing complete sentences

Multiple meaning words (can:  I can do my homework.  Grandma made soup from a can for lunch.)

Homophones (sale/sail)

Antonyms (hot/cold, old/new)


Compound words


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