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5th Grade

Fifth Grade News!

We will be using this page to house information for the entire Fifth Grade.  You will be able to find links to websites, Math resources, field trip info and more.  Please stay tuned for more information to come!

At Home Learning Support

The Kahn Academy -- This website is great for assisting with Math homework.  Be careful, though, it's lessons are not Common Core aligned.  They may not give you the correct method to use.  See the locker above to help you. -- This is a great website for parents!  Want to know what books your kids should be reading?  Want to know what reading level the books are that your kids currently read.  Check out the Parent Portal on this site!  You can also order books from your class's Book Club.  You will need the class code to do this.


Digitwhiz -- This is a great site for Math Drills.  This site was created by an Alameda teacher and is awesome for students and parents.  It is a motovating way to get kids to practice their basic skills.  Sign up is free to parents and kids! -- This site is great for memorizing basic Math Facts in multiplication.  If your child is struggling on the nightly Math homework, it may be because he/she doesn't know his/her basic facts.  This site can help!