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Technology Resources in the Classroom

Our students will be engaged in a wide variety of activities that involve the following websites.  Students will be required to access these sites quickly and know their usernames and passwords.  


Google Classroom -- Online classroom management, collaboration and project site.

NewsELA -- With many thanks to our generous PTA, the 4th and 5th Graders will be using this online resource to read articles regarding current events and history.  

Discovery Education -- Educational Video Streaming Website

FOSSWeb -- FOSS Science Curriculum Website. Access the textbook here!

Typing Web -- Online Typing Program.

Biblionasium -- Online Social Media Literacy Website.

5th Grade

It's Time to Plan the 5th Grade Carnival!!!

It has become our last-day-of-school tradition to welcome the 3rd graders to their new playground and to celebrate the end of another great year at Bay Farm Elementary!  Your Fifth Grader will be responsible for staffing and working a booth for this carnival.  Here is what he/she needs to know:


1. Your first task is to choose a reliable group and come up with THREE viable booth ideas. BOOTH IDEAS!

2. Then go online and fill out your booth application. Booth Application Form

3. Once your booth application has been accepted, you and your partners will be given a contract that is to be signed by all students and one parent per student.

4. Pay your Booth Rental Fees

  • It will cost each team $200 to rent a booth. However, to help be more environmentally responsible,
  • A $25 rebate will be given to any group who does not need electricity.
  • An additional $25 rebate will be given for each group who uses all compostable and recyclable items. (including prizes!)

Note!! Students who are given an environmental rebate will be inspected on the day of the carnival. Failure to pass inspection will result in a $100 fine!


Time Line of Due Dates


1. Booth Applications                 Friday, May 12th  

2.  Booth Contracts Due               Friday, May 26th  

3.  Bring all large items with parents Wednesday, June 7th

4.  Carnival                          Thursday, June 8th

End of Year Dates



5th Grade Spring Dates!!!

Changes are in red


PTA Sponsored Read-a-Thon fundraiser. April 14 -- April 28.   Packets coming home this week.


Wax Museum -- Tuesday May 9 -- 9:00 -- 11:30

  • Come and see the entire 5th Grade featured as a museum of historical characters.  You can drop in at any time.  Parent helpers are needed!


Walk to Lincoln Middle School -- Wednesday May 10th -- 8:30 -- 11:00 -- only students enrolled at LMS will attend!  Bay Farm Middle Schoolers will remain here.

  • Students will walk to Lincoln for an orientation with the student leadership team.  Parent walkers are welcome!  


Open House -- Thursday, May 18th -- 7:00 -- 8:00 PM


Oakland A’s Home Run Readers Day -- Wednesday, May 24 -- 11:30 -- 3:30

  • Chaperones and Drivers needed ASAP!  This will be cancelled if we don’t get enough drivers by Friday, April 14th.


Family Life Education Instruction -- Friday, May 19 --Thursday May 25th

  • Students will be separated by gender identity to discuss issues related to puberty.   If you wish to opt your child out of this instruction, you must do so before the first day of class.

  • We will have a Q and A session for parents to come view the materials.  Date and time to come.


Middle School Dance -- TBD


Moving On Concert

  • Presentation to the families of 5th Graders is on Wednesday, June 7 at 9 AM

    • Students may go home with parents after the ceremony, but please sign them out before you do so.

    • Room Parents will be in touch with you in the coming weeks to let you know how to help with this very special event.

    • If you can’t make it on the 7th, we will be presenting to the student body on the 8th at 9:30.  You may come then.


5th Grade Carnival -- Thursday, June 8th on the ⅘ Yard. -- 9:00 -- 11:00


12:30 Dismissal Days -- Tuesday, June 6th -- Thursday June 8th.

The Wax Museum is Coming to Bay Farm School!

Each year, in the Spring, our central quad area transforms into a museum.  The subjects of the museum are none other than our 5th Graders.  Parents are encouraged to attend!  It's a fantastic event!


This year's Wax Museum will be held on Tuesday, May 9th.  All resources are below.


Wax Museum Packet


Presearch Sheet


Due dates will vary by class but will roughly follow the timeline below:

Roll out of project and Topic and Goal Setting due -- week of March 13th

Notefacts due -- March 31

Outline due -- April 14

Rough Draft of Script due -- April 28

Final Script due -- May 5

Costumes and Props Due -- May 8

Dress Rehearsal -- May 8 and 9

Wax Museum Performance -- May 10

5th Grade Locker

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