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5th Grade

Let's Put on a Carnival!!!

It has become our last-day-of-school Fifth Grade tradition to welcome the 3rd graders to their new playground, as well as to celebrate the end of another great year at Bay Farm Elementary, by having a Carnival! The fifth and third graders will be spending their hard-earned Bay Farm dollars on tickets that can be used at a variety of booths at the carnival. Tickets will be sold the day before by sales teams to the third grade classrooms. Each ticket costs $1.00 and can be used for food or games. 

Pulling it all together:

1. Your first task is to get a team together and plan out 3 booth possibilities.


2. Then as a group, CLICK HERE to fill out your booth application. This needs to be done by Thursday, May 21st. 


3. Once your booth application has been accepted, you and your partners will be given a contract that is to be signed by all students and one parent per student.  Contracts will be due Friday, May 30th. 

Failure to meet deadlines will result in your application going to the bottom of the pile, paying late fees and possible removal from the Carnival.  It is up to you to meet these deadlines!

* Booth Rental Fees

It will cost each team $200 to rent a booth. However, to help be more environmentally responsible,

  • A $25 rebate will be given to any group who does not need electricity.
  • An additional $25 rebate will be given for each group who uses all compostable and recyclable items. (including prizes!)

Note!! Students who are given an environmental rebate will be inspected on the day of the carnival. Failure to pass inspection will result in a $100 fine!

Important Carnival Information

Room 312 Projects in Progress

We will be using the following websites in class the next few weeks.  You can access them here:


Room 312 Book Inventory -- Access it here to enter books you've read.

Colonial Webquest 

Room 312 Reading Goal Padlet -- Please log your Third Trimester Reading Goals here!

Have fun!


End of Year Activities!!!

It is tough to believe it but we are almost there!  The end of the year is upon us.  Here are few dates you should know about!

1. Preview of Family Life Education Materials -- Wednesday, May 20th at 8:10 AM (This is for adults only!)

2. 5th Grade Promotion Concert -- Wednesday, June 10 at 9 AM in the Mulitpurpose Room-- A short reception will follow.  Students who are going home for the day should be signed out in the office.

3.  5th Grade Carnival! -- Thursday, June 11th from 9:30 -- 11:30  


At Home Learning Support

West Contra Costa County Mathematics Website -- This a VERY VALUABE resource for you!  All of our pacing guides, study guides, and parent help guides are HERE!  


The Kahn Academy -- This website is great for assisting with Math homework.  Be careful, though, it's lessons are not Common Core aligned.  They may not give you the correct method to use.  See the locker above to help you. -- This is a great website for parents!  Want to know what books your kids should be reading?  Want to know what reading level the books are that your kids currently read.  Check out the Parent Portal on this site!  You can also order books from your class's Book Club.  You will need the class code to do this.


Digitwhiz -- This is a great site for Math Drills.  This site was created by an Alameda teacher and is awesome for students and parents.  It is a motovating way to get kids to practice their basic skills.  Sign up is free to parents and kids! -- This site is great for memorizing basic Math Facts in multiplication.  If your child is struggling on the nightly Math homework, it may be because he/she doesn't know his/her basic facts.  This site can help!

Important Stuff!

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