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Pumpkin Carving Contest 2014

Water Rescue Demonstration

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Welcome to Bay Farm School!



This is our 22nd  year of learning at Bay Farm School!

Stay in touch and check back often for news, upcoming events, and activities!


Take our physical/digital QR Code Tour   posted throughout our campus.                                           (updated yearly by our 6-7-8 graders)

Important News...


Our 8th graders are back from Washington DC/New York City. Check out their Daily Online News Blog!

News you need to know!

Click here for a letter from our principal. Working in partnership with AUSD, APD, and HBOA, we are installing cameras and lighting at Bay Farm School to improve security. Starting in the next few weeks, APD will issue citations for dusk to dawn trespassing.  If you hear loud noise coming from our school grounds, see large groups of people hanging out, or an unusual number of cars in our parking lot late at night, please call the Alameda Police department non- emergency number (337-8340) or Harbor Bay Security (865-0417) and file a report. The trespassers will be cited accordingly.

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"Gimme Five" Bay Farm Video

Bay Farm 6-7-8 Information

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Technology helps us learn!

Limited number of 7-8 spaces still available

It's not too late! We still have spaces in our 7th and 8th grade program.

Enroll for 6-7-8 at AUSD/Student Services.

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Questions? Email our principal


Common Core State Standards

5th Grade Wax Museum

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our Historical Wax Museum

presented by our 5th grade students

Principal's Corner



BYOD for 6-7-8

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As part of Year 3 of our Innovative Plan we are launching BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) starting in grades 6-7-8.

Download the Bay Farm BYOD Guidelines here.

Download the BYOD Check Sheet here.

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Updated yearly by 6-7-8 graders.

Bay Farm 6-7-8

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Our Innovative Program

Click here to view Annual Review of Progress 2012-13

Click here to view slides presented at Middle School Options Meeting 12/4/12

Click here to download our Annual Review November 2012 submitted for BOE approval11/16/12

Click here to view our BOE presentation 10/23/12

Click here to download our original BOE approved Request for Innovative Program Proposal...

21st Century Learning @Bay Farm


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Vision Statement


Bay Farm is committed to being the heart of our community bridging home and school.    

We provide a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone values cultural and learning differences.  

  Students enjoy the pursuit of personal and academic excellence as they become confident and compassionate citizens of our local and global communities. 

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